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Establish a Fund

We can help you choose your way of giving

The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba is here to assist you in choosing and implementing your way of giving to the community, based on what community priorities matter most to you.

Establishing your personal endowment fund is easy

A personal endowment fund is your custom-made vehicle for giving. When you feel strongly about a particular cause, organization, or the community at large, and want to support it, an endowment fund is a personalized gift that lasts forever. Each year, for generations to come, the annual income earned from your fund will be directed according to your wishes.

The Foundation will prepare any necessary paperwork to ensure that your philanthropic wishes are met. We encourage you to discuss any such document with your own legal advisor.

Many options for giving are available to you

You can give a gift in the form of cash, real estate, life insurance, publicly traded shares, Israel or corporate bonds, appreciated assets, or through a will or bequest. Explore the options with Foundation staff or with your financial advisor.

Flexible and innovative approaches help express your wishes

Once you have determined that you would like to make a contribution, think about how you would like your endowment fund to operate. The Foundation is willing to be flexible and innovative to meet a donor's wishes, but we generally establish funds within certain sets parameters (see Types of Funds). All funds are left open in perpetuity and can be added to at any time by anyone. If you have an idea for how you would like your endowment fund to operate, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Name your fund for a family member, friend or to convey its purpose

All funds are named by the donors - in their own name or the name of a family member or valued friend. Some funds have names that convey a specific goal or purpose, or hold special meaning for the donor.

Your money is invested for maximum impact

The Foundation's Investment Committee ensures that the capital is invested to maximize the Foundation's distribution capacity. The committee invests the funds in a diversified and balanced portfolio of bonds and equities under the policy direction of our Board. You receive a tax-deductible receipt for every gift.