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What to do if your Scholarship is Approved

Scholarship recipients will be notified in June as to the status of their application. If you are awarded a scholarship you will be invited to attend the JFM Scholarship Event where you will receive notification of the amount of your scholarship.

The JFM Scholarship Evening is an opportunity for us to get to know our scholarship recipients and for scholarship recipients to learn more about the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba. As part of the evening we will take a group photo to be used in our scholarship advertising and individual photos may be taken for our scholarship newsletter. The event takes approximately an hour and refreshments are served. Please plan to be in attendance.

How do I claim my scholarship?

  • Ensure that we have your social insurance number on file.  In order to receive payment we require your social insurance number. In February of the following year you will receive a T4A for income tax purposes.
  • Two pieces of information are required to complete your payment request. We need a copy of proof of registration for the upcoming school year and thank you letters addressed to the donors who established the scholarship that you received.
  • Your proof of registration must have the following information on it: the school you are attending, your name, and confirmation of payment. 
  • When you receive your scholarship letter, it will outline the names of the scholarship(s) you received and which donor(s) to thank in a letter.
  • If you receive scholarships from more than one donor you should write separate thank you letters to each donor.

Once the thank you letter(s) and proof of registration are received you should receive your cheque in 2-3 weeks.

If you would like to receive your scholarship through electronic fund transfer, please download and complete the Electronic Fund Transfer Application Form. Once complete, email your completed form along with the required banking documentation to [email protected].