Giving Options

You can see immediate impact with a gift today, or leave a lasting legacy with a planned gift. You decide what you want to give and when you want to give it. The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba offers flexible giving options.

We accept a variety of non-cash assets on a case-by-case basis. The Foundation's staff is pleased to provide additional information.

A Gift Today - a Living Gift Has an Immediate Impact

By making a living gift you can experience the satisfaction of seeing the results of your generosity at work and the impact that it has on the community. Immediate or living gifts can be provided in several ways, including cash, publicly traded securities, Canada Savings Bonds or State of Israel Bonds.

All living gifts provide annual income distributed in perpetuity.

A Gift Tomorrow - a Deferred Gift is a Timeless Legacy

By making a deferred gift, you can incur significant tax advantages for your estate while leaving a lasting legacy. Deferred gifts can be provided in several ways, including bequests, life insurance policies, RRSPs, RRIFs, pension plans and charitable remainder trusts. You are encouraged to remember that as your deferred gift will be your final gift, it should appropriately reflect your appreciation for and commitment to your community.

If you are planning to leave a gift to the Foundation, please click here to view specific wording for wills.

Why Should You Give?

Like all donors, you will have your own motivations for giving to the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba and leaving a lasting legacy.

Perhaps you wish to:

• Ensure a strong and viable future for Manitoba’s Jewish community;
• Ensure a strong and viable future for all Manitobans;
• Ensure community organizations have resources upon which they can rely;
• Give back to the community that contributed to your good fortune and success;
• Repay support you received in the past;
• Enrich lives by supporting programs and services in the community;
• Help others achieve their goals;
• Provide financial support for students to pursue their academic goals;
• Support arts and cultural organizations that enrich the province;
• Support health institutions that have assisted you or your family;
• Maintain support for charities and causes you supported during your lifetime;
• Remember loved ones who have passed away; or
• Commemorate important events in the lives of family and friends.


How Much Should You Give?

Give a gift you can be proud of! Your gift will be invested in perpetuity and the annual income earned will be distributed for charitable purposes in accordance with the Foundation’s distribution policy. In some cases, donors can direct the income from their funds to designated organizations and causes. A gift to the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba keeps on giving.

When Should You Give?

Give when you can. Gifts made to the Foundation during your lifetime give you the opportunity to see your donation working, and giving regularly allows your support to grow substantially over time. A bequest may allow you to provide a larger gift and also help your estate to realize significant tax advantages. All gifts are invested in perpetuity.