Life Saving Support

by Josh Kerr | Sep 15, 2021

A JFM Production spotlighting the impact for two members of our community

Support from the JFM is more than a temporary fix. The JFM video presentation "Life Saving Support" zeroes in on the Foundation's immediate and lasting impact on members of our community. 

Life Saving Support provides a brief 10-minute window into the services of the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba and how it helps our community thrive. Everyone needs a helping hand at some point in their lives, people, and organizations alike.

To begin the video, JFM Board Chair Dr. Bonnie Cham explains, "This Foundation can really be considered to be a cornerstone of financial support for Jewish agencies that exist throughout Manitoba."

On a personal level, that sentiment is expressed through two members of our community, telling stories about some difficult times in their lives and how the JFM alleviated some of that burden. 

In 2011, Svetlana Chechelnitsky's world was shaken by her three-year-old daughter's leukemia diagnosis. Just as the news of Dasha's diagnosis hit home, Svetlana was also pursuing her law degree. She had financial support from family and savings, but it wasn't enough. Then, through a friend, she heard about the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba's scholarship program, which gives out educational awards to help with the costs of post-secondary education.

For Adam Nepon, the supports have changed his life to the point where he feels they have been a true lifesaver. Where he once received the support, he now returns it to the community to help honour the legacy of his brother, Jonah, who passed away in 2013. With a memorial fund in his brother's name, Adam set out to build his endowment to $10,000, the distributions of which would go to creating a music production program at Camp Massad.