Marsha Cowan Scholarship

by Josh Kerr | May 06, 2022

In December 2021, after many years of involvement, Marsha Cowan retired from the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba. Her time at the JFM started long before her official role as CEO, which began in 2005, as she volunteered for many years on the Board, including four as Board President. Most recently, Marsha poured her boundless energy into a fundraising role at the JFM after leaving the CEO position in 2017. Her passion and enthusiasm for philanthropy, the Jewish community, and the larger Manitoba community, still resonates with those involved with the JFM during her time steering the ship.

The JFM has established the ‘Marsha Cowan Scholarship’ to recognize Marsha’s lifetime commitment to philanthropy. Marsha believes that it is incumbent upon our Jewish Community to look out for its younger members - to help them get ahead in any way that we can. She hopes that the fund will grow over time so that the JFM can continue to help the youth in our community step forward and prepare for their adult lives by assisting them with their educational costs.

The ‘Marsha Cowan Scholarship’ joins our existing list of scholarships and awards, which, in 2021, assisted 62 students in offsetting educational costs. The JFM distributed more than $155,000 to those students, helping enable, empower and motivate our community's future generations. You can view all of last year's award recipients in this issue's insert.

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