Women's Endowment Milestone

by Josh Kerr | Sep 29, 2022

In 2022, for the second year in a row, our JFM Luncheon in support of the Women's Endowment Fund (WEF) looked different than it does most years, with another iteration of our Lunchless Luncheon taking place in its stead. When it became clear that the Lunchless Luncheon would be the route taken, the planning and processes had to be looked at to ensure supporters remained engaged. 

"There's a group of donors who have always supported this particular initiative," says Stephanie Casar, Director of Development & Gift Planning at the JFM. "We want to keep the initiative top of mind for them, letting them know that if they wanted to support, there was still the ability to do that, and we were still doing the work for it."

This desire to remain top of mind led to a targeted approach to donors who have previously supported WEF and the Luncheon. That approach worked, as table supporters and sponsors all stepped up to bat. They knew there was no live event to go along with it but that a critical area still needed support. 

In the end, the 2022 Lunchless Luncheon generated $51,000 for the endowment, which puts the Women's Endowment Fund at over $2 million. 

"That was an immediate goal of ours for the last year and a half," says Casar. "We had a target that we hoped to reach within this year, and we're excited to have passed it."

Since 1994, when the WEF was established, the fund has flourished. This year the available distribution for the fund is almost $83,000, and since its inception, the fund has provided almost $900,000 in grants that benefit Manitoba women and girls. 

COVID-19 took a toll on everyone and re-directed priorities for many people and organizations. In light of this, the JFM has seen fewer grant applications for all of our grants, including those from WEF. As organizations return to normal operations, grant applications will undoubtedly once again become a focus, and the JFM will be ready to support them. The generosity of our donors and the steadfastness of those who continuously support the Women's Endowment Fund will make sure of it.