The Secret to Happiness

by Josh Kerr | Sep 22, 2023

Jim Estill encourages everyone to get involved

On May 12, for the first time since 2019, supporters of the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba could come together for an in-person Luncheon at the RBC Convention Centre.

Over 300 guests gathered in the York Ballroom to connect with other community supporters and leaders, including Her Honor, the Honourable Anita Neville, Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba and Winnipeg Mayor Scott Gillingham.

After greetings from the Foundation and a beautiful lunch, Board Member and Women's Endowment Fund Grants Committee Chair Dr. Sharon Goszer-Tritt took to the podium, sharing stories from her childhood growing up in a family that taught her to pay it forward, and how that mindset has guided her to her current philanthropic philosophy.

She spoke of growing up in a home where she learned from her parents to give back however they could, whether in a financial capacity or with their time, like her father, who volunteered to play the role of Santa Claus at St. Amant Centre for many years.

Sharon's message teed up the podium for keynote speaker Jim Estill, CEO of Danby Appliance and a philanthropist in the truest sense. After seeing stories of war-torn Syria in 2015, Estill knew he had the means and the platform to help families who needed it in one way or another.  

Since then, he has helped to settle hundreds of refugee families in Canada and provide the groundwork for long-term independence for these families.

At the Luncheon, Estill spoke to attendees about his experiences giving back and the notion that everyone can help make a change, no matter the size. People should give back in a way that is meaningful to them. He labeled his keynote The Secret to Happiness.

The 2023 Annual Luncheon was in support of the Women’s Endowment Fund initiative, which continues to be a vital well of support for organizations in Manitoba primarily serving women and children.

In 2022, WEF grants provided $63,000 to five charitable organizations in Manitoba that serve and support those among us who need it the most.