Support from South of the Border

by Josh Kerr | May 14, 2024


On January 20, 2004, the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba USA, Inc. was formally incorporated in Illinois. The organization had a singular purpose—to support the charitable causes championed by its parent foundation.

By creating JFM USA, the Foundation took steps to enable tax-deductible contributions from U.S. residents.

Many supporters of the Foundation and our Jewish Community do not live in Winnipeg. Whether they are ex-pats who maintain a connection to their childhood homes, they've passed through here for a portion of their lives, or have friends who have been a part of our community, JFM supporters can be found almost anywhere.

To contribute, the minimum gift is $1,000. These gifts must be made in USD. Contributions to JFM USA (deductible for U.S. income tax purposes) are distributed to JFM and allocated to the donor's desired endowment fund(s).

The strength of the Foundation comes from our donors and volunteers. These two groups are necessary to support our community's needs. JFM USA is a separate 501(C)(3) supporting organization to JFM. We know that our donors are spread out, and through this, our supporters south of the border have a tax-deductible option to support what means most to them.

“JFM USA is extremely convenient for our donors who desire a US charitable tax deduction," explains Ian Barnes, CFO.

For more information on how to support the JFM through JFM USA, contact our offices at 204.477.7520 or email [email protected].