The Million Dollar Match

by Josh Kerr | May 14, 2024


On March 27, at our 60th Anniversary Evening, the JFM launched the Million Dollar Match incentive program. After months of brainstorming and strategic planning, we are thrilled to introduce this initiative as a testament to our donors' commitment to their community.

When the Foundation was created in 1964, there were 119 initial donors with 12 established funds. Today, our database has over 4,500 funds and over 30,000 individual donor names.

Every contribution during our history, no matter the dollar amount, has played a pivotal role, and now, this year, the JFM will reach an unbelievable milestone: over 100 million dollars in grants since our inception. The JFM stands today as a testament to our Donors' care for our future.

The credit for these milestones, both the granting benchmark and the longevity of our service, belongs to our donors, and to celebrate the achievement, we wanted to give back.

In the months leading up to where we are now, we brainstormed about how best to celebrate.

As we thought, we kept the spotlight on our community, people like yourselves, who continue to give back. Your support highlights the community-focused mindset that so many of us share.

"We turned our eyes back toward our strategic plan for 2022 and beyond, and one goal became clear," says John Diamond, CEO. "We wanted to support our community in a way that, in turn, allows our donors to have even more impact as we head into the future.”

Out of these discussions, the Million Dollar Match was born. This matching program is designed to encourage and amplify the impact of individual donors and families within our community. Just as our donors have shown such tremendous dedication to us, the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba is equally committed to the future of our community.

The Foundation will match all new gifts from individuals up to $18,000.

In Jewish tradition, the number 18, or "chai," symbolizes life and good luck, reflecting the strength and resilience of our community. The matching opportunity extends to new contributions to the Foundation until the million dollar match is fully utilized.

"We think this program gives a great opportunity and incentive for community members to strengthen, or establish, a lasting legacy in Manitoba," says Diamond. "Whether you donate frequently or want to start your philanthropic journey, the Million Dollar Match program offers a gateway to meaningful involvement and impact."

As part of the program, we are excited to announce that our monthly donors are also eligible for matching. Monthly giving is convenient and maintains consistent engagement for donors' philanthropic goals each year.

In last year's annual report, we shared the perspective of one donor who emphasized his appreciation for monthly giving. He noted that committing to regular contributions kept him engaged and motivated, allowing him to uphold his commitment to giving back to the community. It takes away his ability to not give back.

As we celebrate our 60th year, we invite you to join us in laying the groundwork for the next 60 years of community impact. Together, through the Million Dollar Match, we can maintain the brightness in our community and fortify it for generations to come.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba. With your partnership, we look forward to building a legacy of compassion, generosity, and community for years to come.

For more information, or to make a gift, click here.